Wire Rope Lubricators

The Viper MK Series enables wire ropes to be safely, quickly and effectively lubricated and has the potential to extend their life significantly. The Viper WRL MK Series eliminates manual greasing, reduces downtime and improves equipment availability. It is a safer way to lubricate wire ropes, reduces lubricant usage, has less leakage and reduces mess.

See below the range of wire rope lubricators Viper offers.

Suitable for wire ropes – 6MM to 44MM

The Viper Mini MK3 provides a lightweight, easy to use option for smaller or hard to access wire ropes.

Viper WRL Mid Kit

Suitable for wire ropes – 6mm to 67mm

Fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes with a diameter between 6mm to 67mm.

Viper Wire Rope Lubricator Maxi Kit

Suitable for wire ropes – 50mm to 165mm

Recommended for use with ROV Cables, Vessel Crane Ropes, Underwater Offshore Wire Ropes and Drag Lines.