VCG-1 Coating Grease

For marine and industrial applications which are subjected to water washout such as anchor wires, tow wires, underground winders and any underwater use.

Viper WRL Coating Grease VCG-1, is a technologically advanced lubricant designed to withstand water washout, protect against corrosion, penetrate and also provide extreme pressure protection for winch drums and sheaves. The red tacky NLGI#1 grease will provide superior service life in marine and mining applications with non drip or fling tendencies.

Why Use VCG-1 Coating Grease

Beneficial Qualities

What This Means for you

Provides Superior Protection
  • Minimises friction, heat and wear
  • Protects against shock loading
  • Resists rust, corrosion and oxidation
Increases Uptime and Saves Money
  • Lowers lubrication costs of wire ropes through increased relubrication intervals of wire ropes
  • Reduces machinery downtime when applied with a Viper wire rope lubricator
  • Reduces maintenance costs by reducing friction wear and most importantly corrosion in wire rope applications
  • Simplifies inventory by being used as a bearing grease  and wire rope lubricant.
  • Red colour makes it easy to see in service.
Withstands Heat and Cold
  • Performs well in broad temperature range
  • Has dropping point of up to 177°C (350°F)
  • Offers exceptional lubricating qualities even at high operating temps
  • Maintains excellent pumpability even at low operating temps
Stays Put for Extended Use
  • Clings to metal surfaces
  • Won’t wash off or pound out
Seals Out Moisture
  • Will not wash off even in high turbulent water


  • Suitable for all types of wire ropes requiring a coating type outer strand lubricant with some penetration.
  • Ideal for use through the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator
  • Recommended for submersed applications

Typical Applications

  • Crane Wire Ropes
  • Shiploader Hoist Luffing Ropes
  • Anchor Wire
  • Tow Wire
  • Tug Boats
  • Rov Cables
Viper WRL Technical Data