The Viper seal design and carefully tested polyurethane-blend material allows the lubricant to effectively penetrate into the core of wire ropes, where corrosion is most critical and often undetected. Viper MK Series Seals have been field-tested and proved to be extremely durable and wear resistant, while retaining their flexibility to achieve best “grease massaging” effects into wire rope core. The Viper MK Series Seals can last up to 12,000 – 15,000m of rope lubrication.

What makes the Viper Seal so special?



  • The Viper seal is made from Polyurethane with high abrasion resistance properties, meaning it is resistant to wear. This enables the seal to be used to lubricant thousands of meters of rope without being replaced

Seal Design/Rib Depth

  • The Material and internal design of the seal allows for the seal to mould to the shape of the rope. This creates a pumping action massaging lubricant into the rope.
  • The seal moulds to the rope which means there is constant contact with the wire rope which enables consistent lubrication

Length of Seal

  • Increased dwell time between the rope and the seal allows for increased opportunity for the lubricant to be massaged into the rope structure.