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Why You Should Partner with a Lubricant Specialist…

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Wire ropes are an important part of many worksites, adding extreme strength and durability to many different hard-working structures. Steel wire ropes are created with continuous wire strands wrapped around a steel core, being lubricated from the get-go. Wire rope lubrication give your ropes power to resist extreme weather conditions and daily wear and tear. 

It is essential that a quality wire rope lubricant is applied regularly throughout the life of your wire ropes to maintain safety and effective function.

Wire Ropes are susceptible to damage, just as much as any other equipment on your worksite. One of the best ways to mitigate this damage and set your wire ropes up to be successful in their operation while maintaining safety is to engage with a lubricant specialist for wire rope lubricant maintenance advice. 

The Importance of Wire Rope Maintenance

Maintaining a wire rope lubricant program is critical to the safety of your workers and the integrity of your equipment. If left to dry out, the wire rope will be susceptible to corrosion and excessive wear. If this occurs when the wire rope is lifting heavy loads, the fallout can be catastrophic. 

The operation of your wire rope will be influenced and impacted by two main factors..

  • The type of operation 
  • The environment that the wire rope is working in 

These factors can combine to increase the rate of corrosion, oxidation, and wear to your wire rope, shortening its lifespan and making it less effective overall. Wire rope lubricants have three primary functions to combat these factors…

  1. Reduce friction 
  2. Provide protection against wear 
  3. Prevent premature corrosion

Working with a lubricant specialist can ensure that your lubrication technique, application, and use is effective and compliant, so you can rest assured that you’re keeping your workers safe and the worksite productive. 

The Difference a Lubrication Specialist Makes

Wire rope lubricant is typically available in two main types – penetrative and coating. The proper use and application of the right lubricant can protect and extend the service life of wire ropes. Partnering with a lubricant specialist is a great way to ensure that you’re choosing the right type of lubricant and application method for your wire ropes. 

The perks of working with a wire rope lubrication specialist include…

Inhouse Design 

The team here at Viper know wire ropes inside and out. We have created our Viper wire rope lubricators and lubricants to provide proper, safe protection for your ropes. Our lubricants are formulated for a range of different applications and industries, and no one will be able to advise you more thoroughly on which is best for your worksite. 

Personalised service 

Not all wire ropes are made the same or used the same way, and it’s important to make sure you’re providing the right maintenance for your ropes. For your wire ropes to function properly and safely, using the right lubricant and getting the right level of penetration for your wire ropes is essential. We can determine what you need based on your environment, the weather, the conditions, and the way you use your wire ropes. 

Detailed advice 

Implementing a regular lubrication program with a specialist or lubrication engineer can go a long way in keeping your ropes safe and effective, so your workers can focus on other important tasks. Wire ropes are responsible for hauling, twisting, or lifting extremely heavy loads, and wire rope lubrication applied correctly can provide essential protection against wear, corrosion, and friction. 

The Viper Method

After experiencing first-hand how ineffective, unsafe and messy manual lubrication of wire ropes can be, we developed the Viper WRL MKII lubricator series, now available in three sizes to provide safe, clean and effective lubrication of wire ropes up to 165mm in size. Our automatic lubrication systems work to mitigate some of the risks that manual lubrication can cause, so our clients can work cleaner, safer, and more effectively toward proper lubrication of their wire ropes. 

With over 30 years of wire rope experience under our belts, we launched a line of Wire Rope lubricants in 2014 that are specifically suited to our automated lubricator range. This is particularly exciting for the marine industry that requires a lubricant that won’t wash off, even in the hardest most extreme and wet conditions. Our coating grease VCG-1  will not wash off in high wash water applications, and our penetrating grease is perfect for all dynamic rope applications and  industries where contaminants and extreme conditions are in play, providing a protective film over the rope. 

Partnering with a wire rope lubricant specialist will ensure you are using the most effective lubricant for your wire rope use, environment, and conditions. This will go a long way in making your wire rope usage safe, clean, effective, and environmentally friendly while giving your wire ropes a long and protected working life.

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FAQs about wire rope lubrication

What is the common lubricant used for wire ropes lubrication?

This will depend on the wire rope application and environment, but generally, a penetrating lubricant or coating grease is used. 

Should you lubricate wire rope?

Yes, it is essential to lubricate wire rope throughout its lifetime to maintain safe and effective use. 

What is the main purpose of lubricating a wire rope?

To prevent corrosion, rust, wear, and oxidation.